Oncology and social media

Oncology thought-leaders and oncology related healthcare social media twitter hashtags discover who to follow and where the healthcare discussions are taking place. Asco: an innovator in oncology social media dr fisch explained how specific features of twitter enable connections between patients and doctors “what happens in the ‘social’ part of social media is that people can either follow you or they can mention you, which in a sense means they’re talking to you by calling out your twitter.

1 follow colleagues and reliable oncology news outlets with so little free time, tracking what's going on outside the walls of your practice can be tough social media is a great way to stay up. The increasing popularity and use of social media in medicine offers great opportunities for healthcare professionals and their institutions to interact with patients and colleagues at a pace that has never before been possible for oncologists, the variety of web-based and mobile technologies that.

Dr mark lewis comments on his recent review article social media and oncology: the past, present, and future of electronic communication between physician and patient where do we draw the line when friending our doctors continue reading . Takeda oncology recognizes the importance of social media channels in the communication space find us on twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin and instagram. In the oncology world, social media brings together varied perspectives, allowing oncologists, allied health professionals, advocates, patients, and the public to engage and interact with each another.

In this interview we discuss the dissemination of research results, clinical trials, and other oncology news using social media, as well as what type of media oncologists use, and how useful and relevant this type of information is for most oncologists.

Oncology and social media

Social media sites like facebook and twitter do more than allow users to keep tabs on celebrities and old classmates social media also allows oncology professionals to collaborate on research and insights and, in doing so, better treat people with cancer.

  • The growth of social media in medicine, particularly oncology, has been impressive the uses to date have varied from live reporting of meeting presentations to community development and support.

Oncology and social media livestrong, an organization created by one of the worlds best cyclists, lance armstrong, and cancer survivor, doug ulman, has been highly successful in raising awareness and helping the cause against cancer over the past years.

oncology and social media Social media join the oncology nursing conversation with ons on social media facebookwwwfacebookcom/oncologynursing twitterwwwtwittercom/oncologynursing.
Oncology and social media
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